Topic/Area: Programming

Date released: N/A

Type of Best Practices

  • Online Tools
  • Applications or
  • Platform

Partners / network


Description of the methods/ approach

Flipped classroom can be used in order to let students acquire the different contents following their own pace. Students will watch the different videos outside school and work on their videogames in class. If needed, teachers will provide different explanations using digital blackboards and projectors.


Students will learn how to program and acquire basic contents of programming in order to create their own videogame.

Evaluation (results) of its effectiveness (if applicable)

Teachers could give simultaneous feedback to students in order to improve their videogames and correct different mistakes. Moreover, we could give students the chance to try their classmates’ videogames and provide peer feedback.

Overview of the lessons learned which are relevant to the project

These resources and videos will enable students acquire a wide knowledge of programming using Scratch.

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