National Report to the STEAMitUp Project's Policy Recommendations
November 2021

As a final result of the STEAMitUp project, the consortium is developing Policy Recommendations aimed at improving the scenario for implementing the STEAM methodology to be promoted. To this end, a Focus Group has been held in each partner country with experts from the world of education, from which experiences, ideas and recommendations have been drawn.

In Spain, this took place on 18 November using the Zoom tool. Due to the situation generated by COVID-19, we were not able to bring the participants together, so it had to take place virtually. Even so, the result was very successful and beneficial for both the project and the participants, who came away with a very good feeling.

We had seven participants, five of them are teachers of pre-school or primary education, a university professor who teaches future teachers, and an educational psychologist.


The main idea they shared was the lack of teacher training related to this type of methodologies, as they consider that the didactics taught is outdated and does not adapt to the new ways of teaching: by competencies and not by subjects.

They underlined that it makes no sense to change the methodology at the primary and secondary level if students and teachers are then faced with university entrance exams based on subjects and not on competencies.

To conclude the debate, they were asked to give, in a few words, recommendations they would make to those responsible for legislating on the education system. This is the result we got:

  • In-service teacher training
  • Giving motivation the importance it deserves
  • Develop a critical approach: educate for the world we live in.
  • Collaborate: take into account who is in the classroom and how they are. In other words, take into account the education professionals.