Given the potential of Open educational resources (OERS’) to improve the quality of primary and secondary school education systems, the consortium of the STEAMitUp project have developed this easy-to-use package of class activities (lessons plans), best practices, technological tools, educational materials and OERs’. The practical and innovative Toolkit can be an be quickly adapted, accessed, reused, modified, and shared with teacher community to support the development, design and implementation of effective activities for enhancing basic digital skills (i.e. critical thinking, collaboration and problem - solving techniques) to students within STEAM education.

The target audience involves STEAM experts and practitioners, educators and trainers, students, teachers of primary and secondary school level. It is developed based on the results and recommendations that arose from the preceded extensive desk research that has been conducted by the consortium. The STEAMitUp Toolkit consists of the following 4 self-directed, interconnected and reciprocal sections:

  1. Introduction to STEAMitUp Toolkit
  2. Overview of Best Practices
  3. Overview of the Lesson Plans (class activities)
  4. Overview of the Material and OERs’ (as produced by the students during the implementation of experimental workshops and thematic school days)
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