Fundación Siglo22 - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
17th January 2022

To finalise the STEAMitUp project, a series of events have been organised in the different partner countries. In Spain, we had the opportunity to hold this event in person, despite the situation, at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.  

It was organised on 17th January 2022 from 10:00 am to 15:00 pm. A total of 24 people from different backgrounds attended. Among them, we find future teachers of kindergarten, primary and secondary education; ICT experts and university professors in the field of technologies in education.

Throughout the morning, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the different objectives of the STEAMitUp project and its development. A review of each of the results of the project was carried out, with special emphasis on the tools of the Toolkit and all the modules of the learning platform, from which the resources developed were taught.

Once all the results of the project had been explained, the participants were asked to enter the platform and carry out one of the proposed activities or resources.

The feedback received was more than positive and they were very happy to have tools, learning lessons, good practices and activities for their current or future teaching practice. 

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