STEAMitUP Impact Assessment Workshop Implementation
Lancaster and Morecambe College, UK

 Lancaster and Morecambe College (LMC) implemented the UK STEAMitUP Impact Assessment workshops over a period of 2 months in August and September 2021. The workshops were delivered in a virtual format due to restrictions in place as a result of the COIVD-19 pandemic. The participants included 10 primary school 10 secondary or further education teachers who represented a range of local schools and institutions. 

The virtual workshops followed the structure outlined in the workshops plans using the presentations and resources provided by LMC as the output leader. The implementation was delivered in three separate workshops covering a combined total of 20 hours of blended learning content:

  • Workshop 1: A 4-hour workshop introducing the STEAMitUP project rationale, key aims and an overview of the content of the educational toolkit and e-learning platform;
  • Workshop 2: A 2-hour trainer led workshop supporting the navigation of the eLearning platform modules, followed by 10 hours of self-directed learning engaging with the platform content;
  • Workshop 3: A final 4-hour workshop where teachers worked in small groups to assess the content of the toolkit and e-learning platform and create an action plan of how they can implement the resources in their teaching practices.

The workshops were an overwhelming success, despite having to be held virtually. All participants provided excellent feedback on all elements of the project and their opinions on the impact. The results from the participant impact surveys were then collated together with the other national responses and contributed to the overall Impact Assessment Study Report available via the project website. 

imactWorkshop  imactWorkshop1  imactWorkshop2