STEAMitUP Policy Recommendation Focus Group Implementation
Lancaster and Morecambe College, UK

 The UK policy recommendation focus group took place virtually on 5th November 2021 with six key decision-makers representing a selection of local Primary, Secondary and Vocational schools. The focus group was hosted by Lancaster and Morecambe College with a member of our STEAMitUP project team facilitating the discussions.

The focus group began with participant introductions then a brief overview of the project rationale, aims and objectives to provide the participants with some context for our work to this point. The participants were then provided with the focus group parameters and an outline of the key discussion points to be covered. The focus group facilitator then guided the participants through the different points of discussion in a structured but open dialogue. 

The focus group lasted around two hours and covered all of the key discussion points outlined as well as many additional topics that participants raised which were then discussed in more detail. The facilitator ensured that the focus group followed the desired structure but also allowed the discussions to flow in a natural open manner where appropriate. The focus group was a great success and provided LMC with some excellent information which then formed the basis of our UK national policy recommendations for the STEAM subjects in schools.

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