The STEAMitUp final conference, entitled “"STEAMitUP: Challenges, Perspectives and STEAM Implementation in the Classroom" was successfully held on Friday, December 3rd at the UNESCO Hall of the University of Nicosia from 9:00 to 16:30.

 The event was attended by distinguished guests from the educational field, leading experts, professionals, as well as primary and secondary education teachers, academics, researchers, students, adult educators and others. The event was attended in person and online by more than 200 people.

The final part of the event continued with a series of presentations around the theme "STEAMitUP: Challenges, Perspectives and Implementation of STEAM in the classroom". During the session, good practices for the enhancement of Digital Skills and concrete examples through STEM and STEAM training were presented. Dr. Kennedy took the floor. Nikolas Kanaris and Dr. Theodora Kakouri from the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus, Dr. Panagiotis Kosmas, Dr. Efi Nisiforou and Ms. Nicoletta Pantela from CARDET, Dr. Yiannis Kotsanis from Doukas School, and finally Mrs. Alexia Alexandrou, active teacher at Anageia Primary School in Nicosia.

During the discussion session, the participants had the opportunity to be informed on specific practices of implementing and integrating STEM in the classroom through various European programs and initiatives. The importance of STEM, STEAM and STEAME education for the development of students’ digital skills (i.e., digital material creation, critical thinking, problem solving, computational thinking and competence) was raised as a closure of the event.