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WebQuest activity for Ada Lovelac


What they did – As all schools in our region are currently closed due to level 5 COVID-19 restrictions, it was decided that the WebQuest activity for Ada Lovelace would be tested as part of a home school activity. For this activity, the school provided students with access to the WebQuest and an iPad, and the parents were instructed on how to complete the task included in the WebQuest.

What they learned – The pupils who participated in this home-schooling testing enjoyed the experience. Their parents helped them to complete the WebQuest about Ada Lovelace and women in STEAM, and the pupils learned a lot about female role models in this sector. The parents also fed-back that this was an enjoyable experience, as the parents and pupils could work together to follow the links in the WebQuest and complete the task together – learning along the way.

What they enjoyed – The pupils enjoyed using technology to support their learning and having a challenge or puzzle to solve with their parents. Through this testing, the feedback was very positive, with Teachers in the local school suggesting that the format of WebQuests could be adapted to home-schooling in the future, should the school closures due to COVID persist.

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