Topic/Area: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths

Date released: June 2018

Type of Best Practices

  • To inspire and guide the best in STEM education

Partners / network

Science Foundation Ireland / Irish Girl Guides

Description of the methods/ approach

Part of the remit of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), through its SFI Discover Programme, is to inspire and guide the best in STEAM education and public engagement.

Due to the nature of the organization the sessions will take place in informal settings and focus on younger females aged 7-10 years old.


By encouraging younger girls to explore STEAM activities, it is hoped to encourage them to pursue STEAM subjects in school and to, perhaps, consider pursuing STEAM careers when they leave school.

Research has shown that fewer females pursue careers in STEAM industries and that often they have made decisions before mainstream interventions. This approach introduces career potential earlier in a non-competitive environment.

Evaluation (results) of its effectiveness (if applicable)


Overview of the lessons learned which are relevant to the project

This is 1 of 41 wider initiatives being funded through the SFI Discover programme. It will stimulate important public conversations around scientific research and will highlight the individual, societal and economic value of encouraging more people (young females in particular) in Ireland to explore science-related careers, earlier.
This is intended to shine a light on Ireland as a hub for excellent research that is far-reaching and inclusive.

References/ online sources

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