Topic/Area: HTML language

Date released: N/A

Type of Best Practices

  • Online Tools
  • Applications or
  • Platform

Partners / network


Description of the methods/ approach

The resources and different online courses contained in the webpage could be used in the Flipped Classroom methodology. Students will watch the different videos and complete the different courses at home before working on more specific aspects related to them in the classroom.


The purpose of the use of these elements is the acquisition of knowledge related to the creation of websites using HTML language.

Evaluation (results) of its effectiveness (if applicable)

This acquisition of knowledge could be evaluated through a list of compulsory elements that should appear in the website created by the students.

Overview of the lessons learned which are relevant to the project

The different lessons will consist on the creation of a webpage. By working in groups, students will be able to put the knowledge acquired before into practice.

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