Topic/Area: Coding and programming

Date released: N/A

Type of Best Practices


Partners / network

ARM, BBC, British Council, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Lancaster University, Microsoft and NOMINET

Description of the methods/ approach

BBC micro:bit Educational Foundation is a UK based not for profit organisation aimed at inspiring children to participate in the digital world. The micro:bit itself is a tiny computer that makes coding tangible and promotes digital creativity.


The organisation provides the micro:bit computers to schools or individuals and the website provides support and guidance for using them as a teaching/learning resource.

Output Benefits

Hands-on practical resource to help students learn coding and programming skills.

Relevant documents or outputs

How to set up a micro:bit device
User guide to the features and specifications of the micro:bit
How to best utilise the micro:bit in the classroom
Easy-to-follow activities for students to conduct at home
Free-to-use lesson plans that utilise the micro:bit computers as part of a structured activities

Workable – Transferable practices


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