Area: Programming, Technology, Mathematics

Grade Level: 6

Course: Mathematics

Timeframe: 80 minutes

Lesson Overview

In this course students are introduced to the concept of coding and programming, using programming software by programming the Robot Pro – Bot.


At the end of the course students must be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of programming and algorithms through specific examples.
  • Program the robot Pro – Bot to solve various problems.
  • Use various programming software to solve different educational missions- scenarios.

Material/ resources

  • 3 computers
  • 2 Robots Pro - Bot
  • 5 Tablet
  • A.L.E.X. - free app
  • Large cardboard (A1)

Lesson Activities

  1. Introduction (10 minutes): Children are introduced to basic knowledge of control systems, algorithm and programming/coding, through different examples. Introduction to robots and the areas used.
  2. Presentation and engagement with stations (60 minutes)
    • The teacher presents the three stations with which the students will work.
    • STATION 1: Students will work with Pro–Bot to schedule it to perform various missions on the activity mat.
    • STATION 2: Students will work on A.L.E.X. programming software to fulfill missions. In the end, they design and plan their own educational mission.
    • STATION 3: Students work on the computer through the website, in order to program their hero to pass all stages.
    Note: Due to the health pandemic protocols there will be no rotation of stations.
  3. Repeat - Completion of the course (10 minutes): Each student presents his work to the others. Geometric patterns can be exposed in the school lobby.
  4. Rating (5 minutes): Students are asked to fill out an online form in order to evaluate, reflect and self-assess their understandings and skills on the subject matter (available in Greek ONLY).

Instructions for teachers

Through this course students are invited to code through the use of various programming software, ground robots and the website. The activities require design skills, decision-making and cultivation of computational thinking through problem-solving. The teacher support and guides students through mentoring, as a medium to encourage students to work constructively and remain focus for the accomplishment of their goal.

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