STEAMitUP ToolkitSTEAMitUP ToolkitSTEAMitUP ToolkitSTEAMitUP Toolkit: The main objective of this output is the design and development of a practical and innovative STEAMitUP toolkit to support teachers develop, design and implement effective activities for enhancing basic skills to students within STEAM education.

STEAMitUP E-Learning Platform and blended learning modules: The main objective of this output is the development of an innovative e-learning space for school leaders and staff with the use of blended methodologies (face-to-face, online and mobile), tools and activities.

STEAMitUP Impact assessment study and practice recommendations: This output relates to the impact assessment phase of the STEAMitUP project and specifically in lesson plans, workshops, thematic school days and other activities with the use of popular hands-on tools.

Policy Recommendations Report: Following the participatory approach, the STEAM committee together with the STEAMitUP network, will prepare a report which will include a collection of lessons learned, good examples and practices, and policy recommendations.

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